Jackson and Tull
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Jackson and Tull provides a broad array of technical services to the aerospace industry. We offer proven capabilities in systems engineering and engineering support, engineering design, integration and test, advanced research and engineering services, mission operations, technology demo support, and facility operations and management.

Jackson and Tull designed and developed the NASA’s Vehicle Electrical System Test (VEST) Facility at Goddard Space Flight Center. Jackson and Tull personnel also provided engineering support on the TRMM and XTE satellites, and the Cryogenic Test Bed.

Jackson and Tull AED is AS9100 certified, and provides expertise in the following fields of aerospace engineering:

Systems Engineering and Support

  • Systems Interface Control
  • Requirements Development
  • Analysis and Traceability
  • Mission Support
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Quality Engineering

Technology Demo Support

  • Payload Integration
  • Balloon Operations
  • Airship Experiment Support
  • Passive and Active Sensors
  • Cryocooler Technologies

Integration and Test

  • Ground Support Systems/Simulators
  • Electrical and Mechanical Fabrication
  • Assembly and Integration
  • Test Planning and Development
  • Environmental, Qualification, and Acceptance Testing

Engineering Design

  • Flight Electronics Design
  • Cable/Harness Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Structural/Thermal/Stress Analysis
  • Package Design
  • Parts and Components Engineering

Facility Operations and Management

  • Equipment Operations and Management
  • Property Control
  • Safety and Inspection Reviews
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Training & Polymerics, ESD, Cable/Crimp/Harness

Advanced Research and Engineering Services (ARES)

  • Analytical Research and Experimental Testing
  • Data Acquisition and Reduction
  • Hardware Design and Development
  • Software Development
  • Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS)
  • Acquisition Management Support

Mission Operations

  • Mission Analysis and Planning
  • Spacecraft Operations Engineering
  • Ground System Design and Development
  • Control Center Operations
  • Off-Line Engineering including
    • Trend Analysis, Anomaly Investigation, and Fault Analysis