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Advanced Research Engineering Services

The AFRL Propulsion Directorate West, hereinafter referred to as AFRL/RZ located at Edwards AFB, CA, is involved in advanced propulsion technology research supporting tactical, boost, and space propulsion. Jackson and Tull provides Advanced Research Engineering Services related to the advancement of the state-of-the-art and the increase of the knowledge and understanding of Solid Liquid and Spacecraft Propulsion Systems Integration and Analysis, Emerging and Pervasive Technology Research and Development. These services include but are not limited to analytical, numerical, systems and affordability/failure analysis, experimental testing, data acquisition and reduction, testing, hardware design and development, software development, and technical advice.

Jackson and Tull and US Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate have ongoing and planned programs for development of technology for liquid rocket engines and propulsion systems. These include contracted and in-house activities ranging from fundamental technology research and concept definition through full-scale development. Fundamental technology research includes: characterization of injector sprays and supercritical vaporization in order to improve injector design methodology; development of long life combustion chamber concepts; characterization of materials and design Concepts for advanced combustors; development of concepts, components and materials for turbomachinery; and definition of engine and component concepts for advanced propellants.