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Integration, Demonstration, and Validation Technology Services

The Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/VS) provides for ground, space-borne and lighter-than-air vehicles to demonstrate and validate their advanced technology research experiments. As the prime contractor, J&T provides technical and programmatic support, space and technology engineering support, and integration facility operations and maintenance (O&M) for AFRL/VS and their Aerospace Engineering Facility at Kirtland AFB and AF Balloon Operations Program located at Holloman AFB.

J&T supports a wide variety of flight programs, weapons systems, and satellite systems, including those conducted from aircraft, balloons, sounding rockets, expendable launch vehicles, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

J&T provides engineering and technical support to one-of-a-kind space experimentation and ground-based technology, subsystem, and system level demonstrations such as MightySat I and II.1, XSS-10 and 11, Roadrunner (TacSat-2), C/NOFS, MoPED, Balloon Operations, University NanoSat, and UltraLITE programs.

Under this and its former Integration Support Services (ISS) contract, J&T manages four large contractors and 15 subcontractors on over 20 task order assignments.