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Jackson and Tull specializes in advanced manufacturing processes. Our facilities combine design and packaging expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. We produce spaceflight hardware along with a variety of other products for Government, Military, Universities and Engineering companies

Jackson and Tull provides our customers with products and services that comply with requirements while meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations for performance, reliability and safety. To that end, Jackson and Tull AED is AS9100 Revision C and ISO9001:2008 certified and our facilities are NASA SPAR-3 compliant.

Our facility in Beltsville, Maryland is 18,000 square feet. In addition to a machine shop complete with CNC milling and lathe, this facility also provides Surface Mount Technology (SMT) oven/wave soldering and hand soldering. With full service assembly and test areas, 20” convention ovens, 18” wave solder machines, and a polymeric laboratory, Jackson and Tull possesses all the tools required for quality and complete manufacturing. All work performed is assessed and tested by certified inspectors. Jackson and Tull designed and built several key components onboard the Hubble Space Telescope, such as the new Advanced Computer which replaced the original computer.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities include:

Flight and Non-Flight Electronic Systems

  • Electronic Design and Development (Womb to Tomb)
  • EEE Parts and Radiation Engineering
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Black Box Assembly and Test
  • Cable and Flight Spacecraft Harness Fabrication and Test
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment Development
  • System Integration and Test

Flight and Non-Flight Mechanical Systems

  • Black Box Packaging Design
    • Structural Analysis
    • Finite Element Modeling
    • Thermal Analysis
  • Fabrication of Mechanical Frames and Housings (Flight Black Boxes)
  • Design and Fabrication of Mechanical Simulators and Mockups
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment Development

Electronics Assembly

  • High Reliability Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Test
  • Surface Mount and Through hole Technology
  • Fiber Optics Technology
  • Environmentally access controlled Test Labs and Assembly areas

Functional Verification and Test

  • Configuration Management Control of all Documentation and Test Procedures
  • Circuit Board and Harness/Cabling Testing
  • Thermal cycle Chambers
  • Resident government Quality Assurance Representative

Polymeric Applications Laboratory

  • NASA approved for Flight applications
  • Printed Circuit Board Staking and Conformal Coating
  • Connector and Harness Potting
  • Application Equipment, Curing Ovens
  • Pre-mixed Material and Frozen Storage

Mechanical Fabrication *

  • High precision metalworking
  • Mechanical Assembly including:
    • CNC Mills and Lathe
    • Manual Mills, Band Saws, Drill Presses, etc.
    • Welding
    • Sheet Metal Equipment
  • Mechanical Design and Development
  • Prototype and production expertise
    • Wide variety of Alloys and Materials
  • Quality Inspection: CMM inspection and Hand Inspection Tools
  • * Note: Mechanical Fabrication is not applicable to our AS9100 Certification requirements.

Parts and Materials Handling

  • Bonded Storage and Management of Controlled Materials and Electronic Parts
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled facility
  • Limited access stockroom
  • Receiving, Inspection and Shipping
  • Incoming Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Material Distribution and Control, Traceability Documentation Maintenance
  • EEE Parts Kitting
  • Segregation of Flight and Non-Flight Parts for each Project