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J&T provides custom engineering and manufacturing solutions associated with Unmanned Systems for NASA, military and commercial hazardous duty. This includes complete system design expertise for remote control systems including requirements analysis, specification generation, vehicle selection, mobility analyses, manipulators/tooling definition and design, command/data handling, video/audio subsystems, illumination requirements, sensor definition and interface, power system design, packaging design, radio/communications engineering, human engineering, software design/optimization and environmental hardening.

At the heart of J&T’s capabilities is the ability to quickly configure custom remote controls and teleoperation capabilities ranging from simple applications to sophisticated systems. The J&T approach is based upon translating performance requirements to rugged, simple, deployable and supportable Unmanned System hardware. Reliability and maintainability are inherent qualities of each implementation. Several applications of J&T’s capabilities include:

  • A remote control, teleoperation kit that can be affixed to virtually any ground vehicle, thereby converting it to remote (robotic) operation.
  • A heavy lift, remote controlled and teleoperated forklift, designated ForkBot, which can be rapidly deployed for Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security uses.

J&T also provides engineering, test, and prototype capabilities to enhance and complement our robotics capabilities. Additional capabilities include:

  • Directed energy techniques using high power microwave and electromagnetic pulse to disable Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
  • Survey, classification, design and prototyping of IED test samples
  • Custom diagnostic test equipment to support robotic operational readiness and maintainability through Built In Test (BIT)

J&T’s customers include NASA, US Department of Defense, local law enforcement, and commercial entities. J&T is merging the latest NASA, military and commercial technologies to meet increasing demands for unmanned systems technologies.